Schools Using OurEvents

School Signups

If you have to watch endless training videos, the system is too complicated!

OurEvents is easy to use, has FAQs, and includes inline help like this ? where needed.

Hi! I’m an information bubble!

With the most powerful volunteering tools on the market, OurEvents will keep your parents engaged.

School Fundraisers

OurEvents has all the fundraising tools you need: fundraiser thermometers, event ticketing, online donations, items to buy online, and multi-level PTO/PTA memberships.

Use any or all of these techniques to raise money for your school!

School Forms

It seems every other event has a parent consent form to fill out!

Upload your all of your forms to OurEvents or create your own forms online!


The board organizes most of the parent events at the school, and OurEvents makes it easy to keep track of them all!

That’s why OurEvents is such a critical tool. OurEvents makes organizing school events easier, lessening the burden placed on parent organizers, and enabling the board to plan even more fun events for the children… and for the parents!

Private School Events

Private school events are organized by various groups within the school such as classrooms, clubs, and committees.

Parents see only school-wide events and events from the groups they have joined.

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