Non-Profits Using OurEvents


Fundraising is critical and OurEvents can help you reach your goals!

OurEvents has a number of ways to fundraise including fundraiser thermometers coupled with direct donations, selling tickets to events, selling items in an online store, and offering memberships at different price points.

Recruiting Volunteers

Whether you are requesting long-term volunteer commitments or short-term ones, it is important to stay in touch with your base of volunteers.

Keeping your list of volunteer opportunities up-to-date in your own custom OurEvents account will help you bring in new volunteers and make it more likely past volunteers will return for another go!

Reaching Donors

Your donors want to see you putting their dollars to good use, and having an active OurEvents account can help you accomplish that.

By showing the public what you actually do, you’ll bring in more people to your cause, even if they decide to contribute money rather than their time.

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