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Community Organizing
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Benefits for your members

  • Makes frequent volunteering EASY

  • Helps build a strong sense of community

* Online ticket sales and fundraising incur small transaction fees that you still need to pay for

Features Include

  • Mobile Friendly

    OurEvents.net is built for mobile devices.

  • Accept Credit Card & PayPal Payments

    Funds are deposited directly into your PayPal account.

  • Automatic Reminders

    Automatic reminders for event signups and RSVPs. Organizers receive daily updates on any changes.

  • Groups

    Groups create and manage their own events. Members can join multiple groups.

  • Multi-Group & Public Events

    Groups can open events to members of other groups, to the entire organization, or even to the public without compromising the privacy of organization members coming to the event.

  • Departments

    When convenient, organize and manage groups by department.

  • RSVPs & Tickets

    Separate pricing for adults, children, and seniors. Sell tickets online.

  • Event Items For Purchase

    In addition to tickets, guests can order and prepay for other event items online.

  • Wait List

    When enabled for an event, people on the wait list are automatically RSVP’d when guests with RSVPs cancel.

  • Reserve Spots & Give Free Tickets

    Email invites with additional features, such as reserving spots, giving free tickets, or granting membership to provide access to future events.

  • Registration Forms & Surveys

    Integrated forms and surveys that guests can fill out online.

  • Signups for Volunteers with Dozens of Features

  • Online Fundraisers

    For fundraisers that you open to the public, people can contribute online without signing in or registering.

  • Member Directory

    Members decide what to share with their private groups and what to share with the entire organization.

  • Wish List & Market

    Members can post items they need (e.g., classgroup supplies) or stuff they want to sell or give away.

  • Integrated Chat

    Members can start chats for event guests, for group members, or for all organization members.

  • Export to Spreadsheet

    Export to spreadsheet fundraiser contributions, signups, guests, tasks, volunteer hour totals for individuals and families, invoices, and member directory.?

  • Import from Spreadsheet

    Import tasks from a spreadsheet into your signup.

  • Calendar Sync

    OurEvents® syncs to Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud, and Yahoo!

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