Group Manager FAQ

How many group managers can our group have?

As many as you want. However, for the security of your group’s events and member info, we recommend 1 to 3.

What can a group manager do?

A group manager is an automatic event manager for every one of the group’s events, and can also:

  • Create new fundraisers
  • Create new events and signups
  • Create new forms and surveys
  • Email group members
  • Duplicate an event, including event surveys or signups
  • Add a group join code for additional privacy
  • Add group-specific PayPal information (if the Admin permits)
  • Allow all group members to create events, which you can approve automatically or manually
  • Promote any group member to group manager
How do I invite others to join?

Send them an event invite and check the optional box(es) to grant them membership. ?

Alternatively, send the organization join link plus the name of your group (and group join code, if you use one).

The Join Link is in Links under your organization’s name
If you do attach membership to the event invite and the organization join link (or group join code if you use one) is reset after you send the invite and before they accept it, they will still get access to the event but will not be granted membership.
How do I promote a group member to manager?

For the Main Events and Public Events groups, use the organization directory. For other groups, use the group directory.

Security Tip: Do this only if you see their correct email or cell with a (i.e., they verified it).

Security Tip: If a member only needs event manager functions, such as creating signups, managing RSVPs, creating event forms, and posting event information, consider making the member an event manager for those events instead of a group manager.

How do I create a new signup?
  1. Click Create Event under the All Events page header. On the new event form, click Signups for volunteers. When done, click Save. You’ll now be on the Signups page.
    Tip: Appoint an event manager to do Step 2 for you!
  2. Create your signups! QuickCreate signups are created one at a time, but if you have recurring signups, click Create Signup Sheet.
Should I use a group join code?

Not if your group is open to all organization members. Your group is already private because your organization has a private join link. After clicking the link, you want new members to be able to join your group right away without needing a group code or waiting for an event invite granting them membership.

Many different people need to create events and signups. What do you recommend?

In the Group Manager Menu, click Member Settings (under Members).

You can then check Let members create events, and optionally, Member-created events require approval. This lets members start creating events and signups right away!

This is a useful option both for the Main Events group (organization-wide events) and for smaller groups.

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