Fundraiser Manager FAQ

How do I create a new fundraiser?

Sign Up Your Organization (if you haven’t yet) and click Create Fundraiser in the Admin Menu.?

Select the Public Events group to allow family and friends to contribute without needing to join your organization, register, or even sign in!

Fill out the form and click Save at the bottom.

Set up Paypal to receive contributions by credit card and PayPal.

You’re done! Just send people the URL of your fundraiser thermometer!

Group Managers who are not admins can also create fundraisers using the Group Manager Menu

What are some of the things I can do as fundraiser manager?

  • Decide how people can contribute, e.g., by credit card, PayPal or check.
  • See names and contact information of online contributors.
  • Upload a fundraiser image to match the theme of your fundraiser.
  • Set the fundraiser goal and optionally a maximum contribution level per person.
  • Change the cutoff date for contributions or remove it entirely.
  • Open the fundraiser to the public. (Requires approval by an admin or Public Events group manager.)

How can I share a fundraiser with the entire organization or with the public?

Click Share Fundraiser With Another Group in your Fundraiser Manager Menu. Select the Main Events group to share with the organization and the Public Events group to share with the public. If you wish, adjust the sharing permissions and then click Submit at the bottom.

You may see the message: At least one of the changes requires approval. If so, it means an admin or group manager for the other group needs to go to their Group Manager Menu, click Current Fundraisers, and approve the fundraiser for that group.

Note: Manage permission means group managers can manage the fundraiser.

Who are fundraiser managers?

Fundraiser managers are admins as well as group managers of groups with Manage permission over the fundraiser.

Who can see donor information?

Only fundraiser managers.

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