Event Manager FAQ

How many event managers can an event have?

As many as you want. However, for the security of your event’s RSVPs, signups, and guest info, we recommend 1 to 3.

What can an event manager do?

  • Create signups for volunteers
  • Sell tickets and other event items
  • Add a senior discount and special pricing for kids
  • Accept credit card, PayPal, cash or checks
  • Specify maximum number adults and children
  • Add a fully automatic wait list
  • Reserve spots for individuals
  • Send free tickets to individuals
  • Track volunteer hours by individual or family
  • Create registration forms, polls, and surveys
  • Enable online chat
  • Email guests
  • Make changes to guest RSVPs and signups as needed
  • Invite other groups to the event or to co-host
  • Open the event to the public
  • Allow guests to invite others
  • Upload a photo header

How do I invite people to my event?

The first three options below are located in the Invite People Section of the Event Manager Menu.

  1. Email Invites — This option allows you to enter an email address, or even a mailing list email address.
  2. Email Current Guests & Members — Your group members already have online access at www.ourevents.net, but it is sometimes useful to send out an event announcement anyway to get the RSVPs and volunteer signups started. In addition, you have the option of attaching an invite to the email so that group members could forward it to others.
  3. Invite A Different Group or Public — Invite all the members of another group at your organization but simply selecting the name of their group.
  4. Public Event Url — This option is only available if you’ve made your event accessible to the general public. In this case, the public event Url will be at the top of the Event Manager Menu. People still need to register on OurEvents so you have their name and contact information but they won’t need to join your organization. Note that guests who are not members of your organization can only see information about the organizers, not information about your members.

How do I make someone else an event manager?

If they are not an event guest
In the Event Manager Menu, click Invite as New Event Manager.

If they are an event guest
In the Event Manager Menu, click Manage Guests, locate the guest, click their checkbox, click Back to top, make sure the dropdown indicates “Switch to organizer,” and click OK.

Security Tip: Do this only if you see their correct email or cell with a (i.e., they verified it).

How do I sell tickets?

One the Edit Event page from your Event Manager Menu:

  1. Check RSVPs and set maximum numbers of guests (e.g., number of tickets)
  2. Check Charge for tickets and set ticket prices any other desired ticket options
  3. Check Generate tickets online to have OurEvents generate ticket codes
  4. Check Accept credit card and PayPal payments
  5. Click Save

Now visit the Receive Credit Card and PayPal Payments page from your Event Manager Menu. There you can specify which PayPal accout to use: the organization PayPal account, or if appropriate and permitted by the Admins, a separate PayPal account.

How do I register cash/check payments for event tickets?

Before proceeding, do the steps in the answer How do I sell tickets? (Accepting credit card payment is recommended but not required here.)

Go to Manage Guests & Create Tickets (from your Event Manager Menu) and set the dropdown above the guests’ names to Create Tickets.

For guests on this page: ?

  1. Make any necessary changes to their RSVP ?
  2. Click their checkbox

When done selecting guests, click Back to top, make sure the dropdown still indicates Create Tickets, and click OK.

In the Create Tickets form that appears, select the number of tickets each person is purchasing, and click Create Tickets.

OurEvents lets you issue tickets up to but not exceeding their RSVP.

Similarly, guests cannot purchase tickets by credit card until they RSVP and indicate the number of people coming.

If you have multiple pages, do each page separately.

The maximum number of guests on a page is 25.

How do I duplicate an event?

Click Duplicate Event in the Event Manager Menu.

Select what to duplicate (tasks, surveys & forms, links, notes, etc.), edit the event name, description, times, location, and other options, and click Save.

How do we invite all organization members or the public to our group’s event?

In the Event Manager Menu, click Invite A Different Group or Public. Select the Main Events group to share with all members and the Public Events group to share with the public. When done, click Submit at the bottom.


You may or may not see the message:

At least one of the changes requires approval.

If so, it means an admin or manager of the other group needs to approve the event listing for their group.

Managers of the other group see the approval request on the All Events page.*

* Actually, admins and department managers who have permission to manage the group but are not members, do not see the event on All Events, but could see the event listed by clicking Group Events in the group’s Group Manager Menu.

I emailed the Url of one of our event’s Signups pages to a member of a different group at our organization and they were able to pull up the page. Why?

If your group is accepting new members and is not restricted, we let your organization members become a guest if they have the event link since they already had permission to join your group and access your events.

We won’t make them a group member in this situation but they can join your group if they want to see all of your events.

To invite all the members of another group, click Invite A Different Group or Public in the Event Manager Menu.

We want to host a virtual event with guests in different time zones. Is this a problem?

Not at all! Everyone sees the event time and signups in their own time zone automatically.

How do I see past events?

Click All Events at the top of the All Events page and then to the left of the group name.

How are hours tracked? Is this something volunteers input or does the event manager do it?

Neither! It is done automatically and the numbers can be exported to a spreadsheet!

Here is how it works on OurEvents:

  1. Event manager creates tasks.
  2. Volunteers sign up.

After the event is over and all volunteering is done, as manager you can then:

  1. Cancel no-show volunteers.
  2. Click Export Volunteer Hours to download a spreadsheet with the hours each person volunteered.
    Note: If the admin sets up families, the spreadsheet also shows the family totals.
  3. Open your spreadsheet in Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, or whatever your favorite spreadsheet program is.
  4. Tweak volunteer hours in your spreadsheet up or down if a volunteer stayed later or left earlier.
    Tip: Add an explanatory note column so you can remember the reason!

That’s it! If additional features would be helpful, please leave Feedback.

How can I prevent additional RSVPs?

Click Edit Event in the Event Manager Menu and then set the Maximum number of adults and kids to their current totals. (The totals are displayed next to the RSVPs checkbox). Click Save.

How can I prevent people without RSVPs from volunteering?

Click Edit Event in the Event Manager Menu and then check the box 'Require volunteers to RSVP.' People who have already volunteered without RSVPing will see notice asking they RSVP, and new volunteers will see a notice that they are required to RSVP before signing up.

How do I create an agenda for a meeting?

Click Add Event Agenda in the Event Manager Menu under Event Settings and Information.

Looking for the answer to something else? Please email us at support@ourevents.net or leave us Feedback.

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