Department Manager FAQ

How many department managers can a department have?

As many as you want. However, for the security of your department’s groups, events and member info, we recommend 1 to 3.

What are departments?

Admins create a department for a set of related groups for organizational reasons and ease of management.

What can I do as department manager?

Department managers can:

  • Manage every group in the department (see Group Manager FAQ)
  • Manage every event for every group in the department (see Event Manager FAQ)
  • Create new groups in the department
  • Email everyone who is a member of a department group
  • Create additional department managers and department group managers from the directory

How do I see department-related information about a person?

Click Roles & Info under their name in the organization directory.

How do I make someone else a manager of the department or manager of a department group?

In the organization directory, locate the person and click Roles & Info.

Security Tip: Do this only if you see their correct email or cell with a (i.e., they verified it).

How do I delete my department?

Click Delete Department at the bottom of your Department Manager Menu.

How do I create a new department?

Only admins can do this.

How do I move a group to another department?

Only admins can do this.

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