Admin FAQ

How many Admins can we have?

As many as you want. However, for the security of your organization’s account, we recommend 1 to 3.

What are some of the things I can do as admin?

An admin is an automatic department manager for every department, an automatic group manager for every group, an automatic event manager for every event, and an automatic fundraiser manager for every fundraiser, and can also:

  • Create online fundraisers (see Fundraiser Manager FAQ)
  • Enable online payments (see How do I set up PayPal? on this page)
  • Manage every department (see Department Manager FAQ)
  • Manage every group (see Group Manager FAQ)
  • Manage every event (see Event Manager FAQ)
  • Create new departments (see how)
  • Create new groups (in any department)
  • Move groups from one department to another (see how)
  • Create families and assign members to families (see how)
  • Email your members quickly and easily
  • Customize your organization’s member directory
  • Upload a custom header to theme your pages
  • Post information for your entire organization or the public
  • Publish forms to be filled out by all members
  • Open support tickets on behalf of your organization
  • Make any other organization member an admin
  • Remove organization members
  • Configure or close an organization’s account

How do I become an admin?

When you set up an account for your organization, you automatically become an admin for the new account.

If your organization already has an account, ask a current admin to make you an admin as well.

How do I create admins?

Click Roles & Info under their name in the directory (or on the Approve/Remove Members page in Admin Menu).

Security Tip: Do this only if you see their correct email or cell with a (i.e., they verified it).

Security Tip: If a member needs to create and manage events just for their group, make them a group manager instead of an admin. If a member needs to create and manage events for a complete set of related groups, create a department for the groups and make the person a department manager instead of an admin.

How do I invite others to join?

Send them the Join Link. ?

The Join Link is in Links under your organization’s name

How do we pay our monthly subscription?

Our goal is to provide you with uninterrupted service.

As such, we allow up to 3 people (must initially be members) to specify up to 3 payment methods (credit cards) to cover the monthly subscription.

Although only one payment method will be used, the additional payment methods serve as a backup and will be tried in the order you specify.

You cannot see credit card info of other people but you can see the number of unexpired cards they have enabled.

You also cannot see your own full credit card info online. We only display the last 4 digits, expiration date, and a nickname you create for the card.

In compliance with industry regulation, credit card numbers are encrypted when storing and security codes (CVV) are never stored.

The security code is required when adding the card to help ensure the card is present and valid at the time.

Everyone is invited to most of the events, and lots of different people organize them. What is the easiest way to set up our account for this?

Virtually all of your events belong in the Main Events group for organization-wide events.

Option #1 this one is super cool!

Go to the Group Manager Menu for the Main Events group. Under Customize Group, select Edit Group. Check the box 'Let members create events' and optionally 'Member-created events require approval,' and then click Save.

When you do this, everyone can start creating the events they should be managing right away! They automatically become event manager for their new events.

Note: You can require event approval by an Admin or Main Events Group Manager.

Option #2

Create one or more group managers for the Main Events group. Then they can create events in the Main Events group and can promote guests who RSVP or volunteer to event manager so they can can help create signups, etc.

Which is better?

You may want to do a combination of both but Option #1 is much easier. It is also more secure than creating many Main Events group managers since the various people could edit and cancel their own events but could not edit or cancel the events that other people manage.

We use OurEvents for our school. What should we do at the end of the academic year?

Follow this procedure:

  1. Reset your join link
  2. Remove just the members members who are not returning
  3. Send the join link to new members

An alternate procedure:

  1. Reset your join link
  2. Remove all members (except returning admins)
  3. Send the join link to everybody

The alternate procedure is easier but members lose access to the directory during the summer.

How do I see which groups or departments a member manages?

Find the person in the directory and click Roles & Info.

How do I set up PayPal?

Click Receive Credit Card and PayPal Payments (under Payments) in your Admin Menu. Supply the PayPal email address that should receive funds, enter your password, and click Update.

In the Group and Event Use section, make any necessary changes.

How do I create a new department?

Click Department Manager Menus in the Top Menu (or Admin Menu). Below any current departments will be a form where you can type a name and click Add Department.

How do I move an existing group into another department?

Click Assign Groups to Departments in your Admin Menu.

How do I create department managers?

See the answer in the Department Manager FAQ.

How can I see how much each family has volunteered?

Under Members in your Admin Menu, click Families and then use the form to Enable families.

You will then get totals by member and family by clicking Export Volunteer Hours, again under Members in your Admin Menu.

Does a person need to be made an admin to pay for the monthly subscription?

No. From your Admin Menu, click Payment Methods (under Account) and then click My payment methods.

If you send this page's web address to any member, they too can set up payment methods (although an admin will need to approve them).

(Members do not see a link to page page to prevent confusion between page payment covering all members and a Join Fee covering an individual or family.)

People must be a member to set up payment methods for an organization, but they can continue even when they are no longer a member. It is up to them and the admins, since admins can at any time enable and disable payment methods.

Looking for the answer to something else? Please email us at or leave us Feedback.

Receive Payments

Accept credit card and PayPal payments for tickets, event items, fundraisers, join fees, etc.

Fees charged per transaction:
  • By PayPal: 2.9% + 30¢
    (charged during the transaction)

Credit card and PayPal payments are processed by PayPal and deposited into your PayPal account.

Whenever you change where incoming money gets sent, we ask for password confirmation.

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