Student Engagement

Student Engagement at Colleges Using OurEvents

Student Groups, Student Clubs

OurEvents is the perfect place for the student groups and student clubs to post events!

Students select the groups and clubs they wish to join and then see all their events in chronological order. They can even sync the events with their mobile phones!

Helping the students connect with each other is one of OurEvents strengths!

College Events & Campus Programs

Not nearly enough do students take full advantage of campus events such as performances and guest speakers.

OurEvents makes it much more likely students will learn about them and attend.

Dorm Events

On some campuses, one of the most important communities is the dorm, and knowing what events have been organized is a big part of having a dorm community that feels like family.

Sometimes dorm events welcome students from other dorms. OurEvents makes it easy for one dorm to invite other dorms.

Student Body – Community Events

Students want to give back to the community but they often don’t know how.

OurEvents makes it easy for students to join any number of campus groups whose goal is to do just that.

With such easy access to these groups’ events and their missions, a student is much more likely to make giving back to the community a habit and not just a one-time volunteer event.

Study Groups

From study groups to student-student tutoring, OurEvents makes it easy for students to learn what help is available and how to connect with that help.

Study groups on OurEvents can permit any member to organize an event, making the group even more social and helpful.

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