Churches & Temples

Churches & Temples Using OurEvents

Church Groups / Temple Groups

OurEvents is the best place to organize church groups and temple groups on the web!

Members choose which groups to join and then receive communications from those groups and see their events and in the list of upcoming events.

OurEvents makes it easy to organize events that strengthen your community!


Have different charitable funds set up to support various purposes?

For each fund that accepts contributions, set up a separate OurEvents fundraiser.

You’ll have a separate fundraiser thermometer to track the contributions made to each fund.

Religious School

Register online for religious school, classes, and workshops!

All payment and registration can be completed online through OurEvents.

Religious Services

Let OurEvents generate tickets for your religious services!

When people return tickets, they automatically become available for purchase on OurEvents.*

* Refunds are not granted online and must be negotiated offline with your members according to your specific policies.


Committees are set up as private groups on OurEvents, i.e., groups that require permission to join.

Each committee organizes their own events, and these events can only be seen by the committee members.

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