CSR Programs

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Corporate Social Responsibility Programs (CSR Programs)

A recent survey* indicates that 64% of millennials will only accept a job offer if the company has a strong CSR program.

Use OurEvents to power your CSR program and bring in new talent!

* Cone Millennial Employment Engagement Survey 2017

Company Conferences

OurEvents can handle events with tens of thousands of attendees!

Collect payment, generate tickets, post documents and registration forms attendees can fill out online, and host online chat.

Company Social Events

Employees love to be social, and organizing a stream of events on OurEvents is the way to go!

Whether the event is going out to a restaurant or having a dinner party at an employee’s house, turn on the Waitlist for your event to help ensure it has just the right number of people!

And if you’re throwing a large party for your employees, enlist help getting ready (and cleaning up!) by creating Signups.

Company Work Events

Add an agenda to your work events to help make sure your meetings start and finish on time!

Company Directory

OurEvents comes with a fully customizable employee directory.

In addition to email and address, you can request employees list their business roles, which groups they are working in, or any other information that you wish to be included.

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