About OurEvents®

OurEvents® was founded by Seth Berger who built and managed a website for his daughter’s elementary school. As school webmaster, Seth pulled his hair out as he helped the PTO organize fundraisers, publicize events, recruit event volunteers via inefficient email exchanges and signup websites that offered no central location for all school’s events and volunteering. Who had time for that?!?

Overwhelmed by an overloaded inbox, crossed-wires, and other challenges that no doubt you, too, have experienced, he decided there had to be a better way!

The result is a site that combines decades of software development and web programming with an appreciation for what organizations of all types go through to plan and execute successful fundraisers, events, and activities.

What sets us apart

We get it: you’re busy with limited bandwidth. You want to give back without getting bogged down. With OurEvents®, your organization benefits from one central location for events, fundraisers, volunteer signups, RSVPs, event ticketing, online payments and ticket sales, registration forms, and more, which you and your fellow event planners can reuse for future events.

No excessive email chains, no directories outdated days after they’re created, no starting over for new events.

What you do get is best practices in efficient, collaborative, results-driven event planning and online security so that you have peace of mind from start to finish.

Here’s to many successful fundraisers and events!

About Seth Berger

Seth Berger has graduate degrees in mathematics and physics from Stanford and Harvard, respectively.

Seth’s interest in technology began early, writing simple computer programs in elementary school and writing more complex programs in high school to study topics in mathematics and physics.

At Stanford, Seth co-founded a student organization that organized events for hundreds of students. At Harvard, Seth founded another student organization and designed a website for upcoming events.

After graduate school(s), Seth’s focus shifted to computer security and software development.

In 2006, Seth founded a business to help individuals and businesses maintain secure computer networks.

In 2010, Seth was asked by the principal of his daughter’s elementary school to build a new website, and he used this opportunity to learn the latest technologies and best practices of secure website development.

In 2012, Seth founded OurEvents®, a secure private social network for organizations and one-stop shop to organize fundraisers, recruit event volunteers, sell tickets and more!

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